Sorry for the lack of content, I got stuck doing some crunch around the time of E3, and I’m doing some side gigs for extra money (amazing opportunity potentially for my career) More money = more stability = less overworking = better mental state = More Big Titty Futas

I’m currently trying to hustle my ass out of my current less than ideal work situation. Things aren’t awful, but I defiantly deserve better.

Sorry guys, sometimes the best course of action is to do what you NEED to do in life, vs what you want to do for pleasure.




I know 2 people with OCs that are going to be happy with my hair Choice. Here’s to hoping I get more done this weekend =3 Still very much WIP.


Just a little something I’ve been working on.

Trying to figure out 2-3 more mechanics and then it’s onto creating some original artwork to plug into this. Instead of this crazy blow up doll-esque blood elf model.



Well that escalated quickly

Old model, may not work on other peoples machines D:

Please refer to loverslab D: I actually can’t believe I got this to work D:

please check out the readme, please don’t hound me with questions on how to change the sizes T_T I seriously didn’t think this would work at all >.>


Sorry for the lack of stream last week.
I am working on a couple of new mods, just kind of fiddling around with a bunch of different mods, sketching out a bunch of different sizes and variants, just kind of gathering up a collection of different shapes until I get one to completion.

I’m not trying to rush things – but I just wanted to post these up to give folks hope that while I had a busy stream-free week last week – I’m still noodling around.

It’s been a hell of a week – going to shoot for Saturday.

Due to VERY personal events – I could not stream tonight, nor can I stream tomorrow. However, I really do want to work on more art – I’m not going to get discouraged and really want to make this routine (also  – had nothing to do with Star Wars D:)

So I wanted to stream tonight – but won’t be D:  – It’ll more than likely be tomorrow night.

I kind of want to get into the habit of streaming:

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Then on the off days working on personal work, doing personal tutorial work/ research – or doing the “behind the scenes” work on getting something stream ready

However, with the Holiday season (there’s going to be a week coming up where I won’t be near a computer of ANY sort) – it’s going to be a bit spoty, but again, that’s the end goal.